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Most of the airlines do not have free meals while you are onboard. They charge an additional amount for an in-flight meal. While making the booking, you will get an option to place a request for an inflight meal. The request will directly reach the airline and all the passengers must place this request at least 24 hours before the flight departure time. FareObuddy holds no guarantee of the meal provision as it is up to the discretion of the airline.

The airlines update the airfares every minute and are dynamic. This change is reflected depending upon the demand and availability matrix at the time of booking. The time that you (or our agent) take to search the flight and make a booking may result in selling out of the inventories or the particular seats. In the meantime, the flight supplier offers different inventory, and the newly offered seats or class may be of a higher price. As a travel agency, we strive hard and keep on monitoring the updated fares and keep them current.

Airfares mentioned on are dynamic and vary without any prior notice. Till the time you (or our agent) have not completed the payment and issued the tickets, the fare isn’t guaranteed. In case of a technical glitch, the fare displayed on the website is not updated. Then we will reach out to you within 3 business days and let you know the new fare. In a case like this, we offer you the option to accept or deny or cancel your bookings and receive a full refund. For further details, please go through our Terms and Conditions and read about the fare details with the cancellation policy.

After issuance, any changes to the ticket are not permitted. You must verify every detail on the ticket before completing the booking. It is your responsibility to make sure that all the information is error-free and accurate. To ensure this, please check with our agent while they make your reservation.

The U.S. Department of Transportation has issued the New Airline Passenger Protention Rules. Under the new rules, FareObuddy must ensure that the advertised fares and baggage fees are inclusive of the taxes. These airfares are inclusive of the applicable taxes by the government of the U.S.

In case there are any changes required on your airline ticket, an additional charge is levied to do so. In case our agents assist you with the changes, it’s considered a new booking, and you are required to pay for the same. To know more regarding this, please read our section Taxes & Fees.

While making the booking, our agents inform you if you are required to carry a printed copy. In case of a change in this requirement, we will notify you within 24-hours of booking made. However, we strongly advise that you carry a printed ticket if you have reserved it with multiple airlines.

Skyteamtravel advises you to call the airline directly 72-hours before the time of departure. It is a mandatory step and must be followed for Return Flights as well.

skyteamtravel or any other travel company will not offer any such provisions of adding a new passenger to the existing booking. Hence, you are required to make a fresh booking for the new passenger. Please note: skyteamtravel cannot guarantee that the new booking made by us will be at the original price of the previously booked tickets. Also, we do not guarantee that there will be an availability of flight matching to the existing booking.

According to the baggage agreement, in case of a change of flight the airline is responsible for check-in baggage at all the airports. In case the agreement does not have this provision, then it becomes your responsibility to check with the Baggage Claim and make sure that your baggage is checked till the destination city.

To make a booking, the document requirement keeps on changing. The change is dependent on various factors including the city of departure, arrival, change of places, and your passport’s nationality. skyteamtravel advises you to call the airline and confirm with them what are the right set of documents to complete the booking. With that, also make sure that the information you receive is up to date. We hold no responsibility if you do not have sufficient documents at the airport, and the airline denies your boarding.

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